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The fees of a barrister are divided into 2 parts. On the one hand there is the "recompense" and on the other hand there are the "expenses".

The recompense

The recompense covers the real performances and achievements of the barrister. The recompense is set by an hourly fee or % on the value of the case linked to a few correction coefficients. These correction coefficients take into account the value of the case, the urgency, the counsellor's experience, the financial capacity of the client, the difficulty of the matter and the result.

Other agreements (such as subscriptions, fixed or non-fixed amounts, etc) are always possible.

The expenses

There are two kinds of expenses: variable expenses and non-variable expenses.

The variable expenses are the registration fees at the office of the clerk, the expenses for the process-server, the expenses for all kinds of copies, the travelling expenses, the typewriting, etc. These expenses are the ones especially made in conjunction with a particular case.

The non-variable expenses cover the acquisition of law books, literature, magazines, judicial databases, office space, transports, means of communication, etc. These are expenses that are not especially made in conjunction with a particular case.

 Conditions of the contract

When you consult a barrister, you engage in a contract. The barrister works for you within this agreement and within the rules of deontology, which have been issued by the bar of lawyers. In consequence, both parties have rights and obligations.

Specific agreements and/or additional conditions are possible.


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