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Our aim

To provide a reliable legal services at a reasonable price, payable by everyone

Truly open policy about expenses and compensations
The ability to talk about payments
Low cost structure

Our position

This law firm, established in 1996, is a one-man-business that wishes to take a distinctive position in the community of Merelbeke.
In Flanders, moreover, the law firm wishes to show a profound interest regarding Information Technology. In Europe, the law firm shows a profound interest regarding real estate.

The law firm hopes to accomplish the above by:

approaching and treating law cases as humanely as possible
considering it more important to settle a matter amicably rather than taking the matter to court
lowering the threshold to consult a barrister by determining a first consultation fee at the amount of 25 Euros (maximum 20 minutes)

Our profile

Our point of view is to create a relation of confidence and conversation between the client and the consulted counsellor. The client with his / her problem is central.

The clients have the asssurance that their problem shall be treated with a personal touch.

Law firm DE RUYCK guarantees continuity and quality in its services. Quality is obtained by a profound study of the case, of the law and the jurisdiction, by an excellent administration and management and adequate refresher courses. Every case, judicial and non-judicial, with the exception of administrative law, can be treated. The law firm works with a few freelance co-operators who are specialised in certain aspects of the law.

This law firm's motto is: "It is better to have a bad agreement than a good trial." After consultation, you will agree that this is the best way of achieving a good outcome.

Contacting the law firm

Telephone : 09/232 50 74
Fax : 09/232 50 76
Address : Hundelgemsesteenweg 642, 9820 Merelbeke
E-mail : advocaten@deruyck.be



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