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conditions of the contract



conditions of the contract

General conditions

When you consult a barrister, you engage in a contract. The barrister works for you within this agreement and within the rules of deontology, which have been issued by the bar of lawyers. In consequence, both parties have rights and obligations, which can be compelled according to the Belgian Civil Law. The agreement can come to an end at any given time at the request of the client.

Every piece of trial, exhortation, etc. received by the client, should be immediately copied and given to the barrister. The world of jurisdiction and the profession of the lawyer is characterized by specific expiries and other terms of limitation.

The professional responsibility of the barrister is limited to the amount of 1.250.000,00 €.

Additional conditions

These tariffs are valid for 2014, in principle vta (btw) is included.

Every period of time, including waiting periods and periods of time dedicated to administrative activities, is taken into account at the same hourly tariff. The correction coefficients concerning the amount of the case are only applicable to civil claims.

The final settlement of judgement determines the actual coefficient unless the case has been previously closed. All coefficients of a specific case are multiplied and this result is multiplied by the hourly tariff. This is how the related fee is calculated.

It is in the client’s best interest to inform the barrister about his/her financial situation before the file is actually opened.

At the beginning of a file, the barrister will ask for money in advance. Interim payments follow according to the performances and the expenses between 250 - 500 €. These payments are due within two weeks and should be considered as commissions.

If the client does not agree with certain interim payments or with the final payment, it is in his/her best interest to inform the barrister in writing within two weeks.

Specific arrangements and additional conditions can be discussed on the basis of the case.


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